Friday, March 25, 2011

Purple Pride

Hi everyone & happy Friday to you all! Any big weekend plans? You're probably expecting me to say work... And you're right! Ha. Almost pulled a fast one on ya there! Although I have to work, I'm going to my friend Erin's house for a girl's night in tomorrow evening. I can't wait! It feels like it's been forever since I've seen these ladies, and unfortunately not everyone can come. Nevertheless, it will be good to get out and have some FUN!

If you're tired of seeing pictures of me, well, too bad, because you had to go through all the pictures before reaching this text! I remixed an outfit from last week by switching up leggings for tights, boots for flats, and one vintage belt for another.

Wearing: Vera Moda Tunic/dress, Joe Fresh pattern tights, Walmart leopard flats, vintage woven belt. The great thing about wearing belts is that they can transform an outfit in a pinch! Without it, the tunic is easy, breezy & pretty floaty. The belt kind of polishes it up and gives it a more feminine feel.

Oh, and that last picture? Yeah, that's what I look like after a run (and some strength training since I don't want noodle arms). In fact, I ran TWICE today. I'm on a roll, baby! 5 K, here I come (which I KNOW I can kill!). Maybe I'll make that a 10K race in May before the 5K in June. Something to ponder...

What's your favourite way to polish up an outfit?

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