Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Inspiration

1. Young love (ps, how cute is Dakota Fanning?)

2. Beach - beachy waves, beach cover ups, bikinis, sandals, sun hats, tote bags... Come on Spring/Summer!

3. Thoughts of Japan are with everyone after the tragedy. Stay strong.

4. Accessories! I need more of these in my life (or do I?)

5. And I just loved this. It describes things going on in my life right now - making choices and compromises, being busy and trying to appreciate everything all at the same time, even when things get tough.

Have a good Sunday! I have a day off tomorrow - wow, wasn't expecting that. I'll take it!


  1. I subscribe to all statements which are in the last picture!

    haha, and concerning to the first picture - my 8 years old brother and his friends believe (and know this for sure:):)) that kissing is not as cool as somebody could think.

  2. This post is amazing. Thank you :)