Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inspired by... Anna Dello Russo


Anna Dello Russo has been a style icon for ages. As the editor-at-large of Vogue Japan, she literally has fashion at her hands every day. Her fearless attitude when it comes to what she wears is highly admirable - who could step out in Chanel couture off the runways looking as fabulous as she does? Some personal favourite pictures of Anna are those above - elegant metallic suits and fun prints are eye catching, while her accessories keep things funky. Are you wanting to imitate Anna's style? Here's what I found:

1. Brocade dress, Zara, $79.90

2. Short coral blazer, Zara, $119.00

3. Gold chain clutch, Zara, $95.90

4. Black sunglasses, Zara, $39.90

5. Tribal print tunic, Zara, $99.00

6. Pink skinny trousers, Zara, $59.90


  1. Her style is amazing! I love that she's a risk taker.

  2. i love the pants suit its so royal

  3. Anna's style is truly amazing, and she's absolutely gorgeous! I adore the items that you've found, you have lovely taste. I'm especially smitten with the Zara brocade dress -breathtaking!! Hope you're having a fab day. xx veronika

  4. Love Anna and those Zaragoza pants!


  5. I love those pink pants from ZARA..totally amazing! I need at least one bright colored pants for summer