Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, fashionable friends!
This past weekend has been all about the Halloween festivities & celebrations here in Vancouver. Every where you go people are walking around in their costumes. It's amazing what people will be! The cool thing about Halloween is that you can dress up and be someone else for a night. Sure, it's a short lived fling, but Halloween is the time to get creative and have fun! Plus, the candy doesn't hurt either.

Here are a couple other Halloween photos to get you in the spirit! I just recently got excited for the holiday (as in, last night I came up with my costume, which will leave me scrambling to get ready today before school), so I am furiously searching the internet for things I need to get for my costume. I'm not giving you any major hints, but my costume is SUPER DUPER girly and cute!

What are you doing/what did you do for Halloween this year?


Love the idea of Halloween themed nails. I have seen lots of pictures pop up on the internet, and I especially love the mix of black + glitter (a spooky Halloween night sky!) and the cob webs. So cool!


What is Halloween without the fun cookies and treats!? Although I didn't do any Halloween themed baking, I indulged in a small bag of 5cent candies while I was downtown Saturday afternoon. Halloween = candy cravings (and the dreaded sugar-induced tummy aches)!
Stay safe! 
Photos from weheartit

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