Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekday Wonders & Wine

After an early morning run, one of my favourite things to do is relax on the couch (in my pajamas, no less) with a big mug of caramel swirl coffee (the brand is Brew La La & can be found at Winners!) and my two favourite candles, hazelnut and pumpkin spice.

A savior to dry, tired hands in the winter. I always keep multiple bottles of hand lotion on me at all times. Hey, I like having options!

I thought I had found the perfect chance to snap a photo of me the other day while in Pacific Centre. However, it seems as if whenever I decide to capture a moment of vanity, people start pouring in & staring into the mirror with me. Get out, it's my shot!

This week ended on a bright note: White wine & pasta! Perfect Saturday night dinner.

I hope you all had a great weekend! xo


  1. Such a wonderful post! Your diner looks delicious.


  2. Hi

    Nice to visit your blog
    Love your picture a lot


  3. Looks like a lovely week! That pasta and sauv blanc looks delicious!


    Erin @

  4. The coat you are wearing in your mirror snap is gorgeous! Love the fur collar.