Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The City of the Pretty

1. The girls of The City sure like their dresses. Glitzy, glamorous, and with a short hem line, too! Nevertheless, the girls pull it off with California flare. I especially love Audrina's rose coloured sequin number!

2. Okay, although the girls look great here, I can't help but think of a ladybug when I see Whitney's dress. I love how she paired it with opaque black tights and black boots though - the dark combination makes her already long legs look like they go on forever, and Lauren looks like a Greek goddess! Plus: Great shoes all around!

3. Think pink! Whitney's hot pink dress and smokey eye makes her look like a blonde bombshell! I love the ruffles on the front of Lauren's dress as well, and Audrina, are you wearing the same shoes as in picture two? Regardless! I would love a pair of gold heels like that.

4. Front row at the show, of course! From floaty to maxi to strapless and... Brody? The girls opt for stylish options no matter where they go, and of course they would for a fashion show! My favourite of this picture: Whitney's feminine and fluttery dress. Yeah, I'm team Whitney.

I'm also team CANADA! I'm sitting on the couch scouring fashion blogs while the Canadian Jr. game plays in the background. My mom's Facebook status (it's becoming the norm these days for parents to have Facebook. Apparently my dad is out of the loop): "The house has hockey fever!"

Have a fabulous night everyone! I'm debating whether I should jam on the gym tonight due to a headache, but I'm sure I will feel a lot better if I JUST DO IT and go to bed early! In addition, I was called into work tomorrow for a 12:30 start - YES, I can sleep in and hopefully sleep off this cold that is plaguing me!

Aah tea time! I need all the liquid I can get!


Holly xoxo