Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tea & 'zines!

1. This was my set up last night. Lap top on (and Facebook of course), magazine out, and tea ready to be sipped!

2. While I was sipping tea and soy milk, Brandon flopped down on the couch beside me with a huge Christmas mug filled with hot chocolate and flavoured marshmallows. YUM!

3. My ill self! I apologize for looking so out of sorts, but that's just it. I'm feeling out of sorts! I'm wearing a luxe and super soft V-neck sweater from Gap, a striped shirt from Bluenotes underneath and not pictured were my pink sweatpants. Give me a break guys. I'm SICK! :(

4. And my favourite part of the whole outfit (if you could even call it that): Leopard print thermal socks! They are so ridiculously warm that I cannot resist rotating between the others that I got for Christmas. If you can find Hot Paws thermal socks near you, buy them (unless of course you are in sunny L.A. and not rainy British Columbia like myself)!

I am trying to think of a cute yet comfortable rainy day outfit that I can wear to work. I wish I had a nice pair of rain boots! My sister has red plaid ones, but they don't exactly fit me that well, and I would be less than comfy if I tried to squeeze into them and wear them to work all day. Yay, work. Hey, at least it's not a hard job, and I did all the "challenging" things yesterday (which basically included doing the pay checks, although that was finished in half an hour, tops).

Hope it's not a miserable day outside for you guys! Wear a pretty dress for me without tights - at this point I don't even think tights would keep my legs warm since the rain falling from the sky is like a slushy mess.

Talk to you all soon!

Holly xoxo

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