Friday, January 21, 2011

Fringe Benefits

1. I had a little photo shoot in the bathroom before I went to my sister's school dance recital. I could've sworn I've seen Lady Gaga do this pose before, and when I asked my sister she quite bluntly told me I was wrong. Well then. Perhaps it was Sailor Moon who did this (I happen to know this is correct, because I was the ultimate Sailor Moon fiend when I was younger).

2. Another silly shot! Clearly I have a modeling career. Oh what's that? I'm going to Milan for Fashion Week? Oh I'm so flattered! Ha...ha...I wish!

3. This is what I wore last night! I spent the day lounging around (still kind of recovering from some horrible food poisoning I managed to catch... Just my luck!) in this Rihanna T-shirt. It is ridiculously comfy, and although I haven't worn it too much, it has that I've-had-this-shirt-forever kind of feeling! This past summer Brandon and I went to a Rihanna concert and let me tell you this. FIERCE, FIERCE, FIERCE in every possible way! I am obsessed! Also, my skinny jeans by Pashu made an appearance in this outfit (as always), and the blazer I'm wearing was mentioned in another post - the perfect one I found for $1.25 at the thrift store! My boots are from Urban Planet and missing one of the heel caps... It sounds a little funny when I walk, but maybe I'm the only one who notices (although now people who see me will know this little secret)!

4. One of my favourite Zoya polishes. It's called Ruby and is the perfect red! It has just enough metallic sparkle, and the perfect red hue. I wore it over the holidays, but it's perfect year round - especially for spring!

5. A string of pearls... And two other chains. I forget where I found this necklace, but I know I got it for a good price! I'm the ultimate deal hunter (except when I get lured into buying Micabella mineral make up... One time, and one time ONLY)!

6. And my outfit du jour! I wore Pashu skinny jeans, Le Chateau fringe boots (and if you follow me on TWITTER (hint hint) you'll know that a frightening man carrying a bag of cans over his shoulder complimented me on them. I was flattered, kinda), and a striped shirt from Bluenotes. I didn't want to have too much going on up top while wearing these wonderful boots, so stripes it was!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Holly xoxo

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