Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whipped Cream Party

1. Brandon giving me a quizzical look. Why are you taking this picture? Or rather, why am I still good looking even with a goofy expression?

2. A shot of the two of us! We went to my friend Zaira's 19th birthday party last night. It was filled with lots of laughter, loud music, dancing, and piping hot pizza! A couple guys there ordered six or so boxes of Hawaiian and pepperoni pizza for the party guests to munch on... And it was gone within an hour! Either everyone was super hungry & the dancing took a lot out of them, or they couldn't stand the tempting smell of the doughy, cheesy & gooey pizza any longer. I grabbed a slice of Hawaiian for myself & a pepperoni for Brandon. Sorry, no pictures there for you guys to drool over!

3. Before the party I filled up on tea. I put some light whipped topping on the surface to jazz it up a bit, but I can't say it drastically changed the flavour. Nevertheless, it was something other than the usual honey & soy milk, though it would be way better on a hot cup of hot chocolate!

I apologize for such a short/boring post! I was going to post this last night after the party, but we got home late, and we both had to work this morning. So! You guys get it now. I'm thinking about posting something again tonight, but we'll have to wait and see!

Holly xo


  1. Looks (and sounds!) like so much fun :D

  2. yes, it was! it was great to have everyone together again!

    thanks for checking out my blog! <3