Friday, January 28, 2011

To Infinity & Beyond

1. The most comfy slipper like shoes you'll ever place upon your feet (if you buy them, that is. I don't like sharing!). I purchased these at a store called Wall Street for a whopping $13.00! They are made by Roxy, and were originally $30.00 or something like that - I'm glad I grabbed them when I did!

2. Today's outfit, worn with Pashu skinny jeans. This infinity scarf is so warm and cozy! My mom bought it at a SheShe accessory party and so kindly let me borrow it to wear to work today (and around the house, as I am right now). I wore it with a royal blue long sleeve shirt from Smart Set and a striped cardigan from Smart Set as well.

3. My sister and her friend Rachel baked some cookies last night for Rachel's mom's birthday. However, Rachel forgot nearly half of them here (she took some for the gift, left some for us). Lucky for me though, I went for a run yesterday morning (and this morning, as I snuck a cookie when I got home), so I didn't feel too bad about having a cookie or two! They followed a standard chocolate chip recipe, but instead of the regular milk chocolate, they used white chocolate and rainbow chips. Yum!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday night! My friend is having her 19th birthday party tonight, so I'm wanting to check that out for sure!

Holly xo

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