Friday, February 18, 2011

Early Festivities

I apologize for no updates yesterday! I had a half day at work, then went to my best friend Lauren's house for an early birthday celebration/visit since she is home from reading break. Here are a few pictures from yesterday...

1. Around 9:00 am yesterday there was tons of snow. All of a sudden flurries were falling from the sky, and this was the view from inside my car window while I was going to work (prior to driving).

2. This was yesterday as well. I know posting about the weather is super boring, but the weather in British Columbia is super crazy. Snow, rain, gloomy & a little bit of sun (that didn't last long at all).

3. Lauren made a delicious dinner for us last night! Rice, veggie meat balls & veggies in marinara sauce. It's basically our go-to dinner (and it alternates between bagels and last night's cheese scone on the side).

4. Before dinner we began our Sex & the City marathon. We made it through the first season last night in between chit chatting and getting dinner. Note: we also gorged on chips, candy & washed it down with strawberry soy milk. Heaven!

5. Present time! I got a fabulous picture of Marilyn Monroe that I need to frame ASAP, and she also got me a mini martini shaker, cosmopolitan mix, sugar for the rim & little olive picks. The martini shaker is pink and sparkly. How much better does it get?

I hope you all are having a good week! I have a day off tomorrow, but then it's back to work Sunday and it looks like next week is getting busy as well. So much work, so little time (or so it feels like).

Also: A question for you Vancouver readers. Which area is the best to live & not a bad commute from downtown? I'm looking into moving to Vancouver for school in the fall, but I need to find a place!

Holly, xoxo

P.S. My birthday is in four days! 19, here I come!

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