Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Inspiration

1. Bows, bows, bows. I think this would be cute this spring paired with a bright coloured top and nude heels. Simple accessories. Perfect for a night out too.

2. Young love. Maybe not this young, but seriously. How adorable are they? Note to self: Buy heart shaped glasses ASAP to relive my childhood.

3. Gold fish! I was so obsessed with gold fish when I was younger. However, my parents insisted that I have Beta fish first (and so did the pet store lady, as they live longer)! RIP Mr. Tickles (my Beta fish... Ironic?)

4. Valentine's Day cookies in pretty pinks and reds. What is everyone doing this Valentine's Day?

Just a quick post for you guys! I worked a double shift at work today, so I wasn't able to take any pictures. Besides, I didn't wear anything exciting - black pants, black shirt & a black cardigan. Can you tell that my work's dress code is BLACK?

Luckily I have tomorrow off! Woohoo! Happy Monday to me (and to YOU too)!!


  1. That black skirt is perfect!! :-)