Thursday, March 3, 2011


I tried for the life of me to delete that sideways picture of peppermint green tea, but it just wasn't working. So just ignore it, or tilt your head in awe. You pick ;) I spent the majority of my day making meat/cheese, veggie & fruit trays for my mom. She's going to a teachers appreciation night tonight, but since she had to work today, I got the fun task of shopping for the supplies and putting it all together. However, I finished off that job by baking a ridiculous amount of cupcakes. I'm thinking four dozen? Thankfully my mom took some with her, so there's half of the temptation out of the house. The ones with chocolate frosting are butter pecan, and the others are carrot cake topped with homemade whipped cream and pumpkin seeds. I was on a roll in the kitchen!

Oh, and the smoothie above is mixed berry + banana, with chia seeds, greek yogurt & soy milk. It powered me through the morning, as well as a little chunk of the homemade granola bars I made (pictured above). They were super easy, and done in less than 5 minutes! Now that's what I call easy.

Have a good night everyone! Any big plans for your Thursday?


  1. wow everything looks FABULOUS :) want to send some to chicago?! haha! looks like you had a great thursday! xo