Sunday, March 27, 2011

Leopard Love

Outfit #1 for work: Thrifted plaid flannel, Smart Set jeggings, Mulberry Alexa purse... I WISH. My purse is by SheShe Accessories. Dangit. Thought I could trick you, but my honesty got in the way.
Outfit #2 for GIRLS NIGHT!: Dress from Sirens. I got a lot of compliments on this baby - thanks friends, way to make a girl feel great! :)

This night was so hilarious. From stealing each others phones & making random Facebook statuses (yeah, you do it too), to dancing around in the kitchen and spilling things and eating way too many chips and salsa. It was a blast! I'm so glad I went, even though I stayed up until ONE IN THE MORNING. Who am I (who's that chick, who's that chick...)? I even skipped my morning run because I was so dead. On the plus side, I gained a couple hours of sleep which will definitely benefit me considering I have to work today. BOO.  Also a plus: I am not hungover, and I had a couple pancakes with PB & bananas. So. Good.

Enjoy the pictures everyone! And that picture of me pointing at the camera? That's me recognizing my fabulous readers ;)
You guys are probably like, wow lame...

Okay! Ciao for now lovelies!


  1. That flannel shirt is so great, can't believe you found it thrifting! looks like so much fun from your photos xo

  2. Cute top!