Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mt. Tzouhalem

Good evening, bloggies! Above are only a few pictures out of the 70-some odd I took today during the hike.

My day began with a 4K run, thinking if we didn't go hiking, at least I'd get a work out in. Well, it turns out that today was absolutely GORGEOUS. I took it easy on my run this morning, stopped to stretch before I came home and stretched it out (again) while watching some Eat, Pray, Love from the comfort of my yoga mat. That juicy grapefruit up there complimented a chocolate green monster (smoothie accompanied by spinach for added greens!), and I was ready to rock n' roll with food in mah bellay!

Do you ever have those days where everything just turns out how it's supposed to? Today was one of those days, thankfully. I got a $25.00 gift certificate from my boss at the spa for a garden & flower store in town (I'm going to get some bright coloured flowers to plant in the front & Spring things up around the yard), had an awesome hike & it was SO SUNNY. Seriously. It also helps that I had today off too (and another day off tomorrow, yesss!)

More about the hike: We parked on one side of the mountain, made it up to the cross in one shot (there were so many intertwined trails!), but somehow made it down the other side of the mountain and ended up in a farm's field. Since the car was parked hours away, we ended up having to WALK all the way back to the parking lot - all up hill. We were so fortunate that it was sunny though, and I honestly didn't mind the walk. It made me grateful for my legs and feet - I love you, limbs!

Have a fabulous night everyone!

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