Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sun & Sequins

Monday included a 10K run, lots of flowers during my walk (I had to walk down to the highschool and pick up my mom's car, as her & my sister have gone to Alberta for a school trip), and plenty of sunshine. Oh, it was also a day off and that meant throwing my wet hair into a top knot, no make up & then running into people I wasn't expecting to see looking the way I did (if you know what I mean). Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of that look, but honestly friends, I'm saving your eyes!

Yesterday was one of those mornings where I didn't know what to wear. Everything looked funny with the bra I was wearing, was see through, didn't fall right, etc. etc. So, I grabbed the nearest thing that caught my eye. I found this "Ginger G" shirt (I think that's what the label said when I was doing laundry yesterday) at Winners, and it's the type of item that just makes you feel GOOD. Nothing wrong with that!

Brandon and I are doing the Holland Creek Trail in Ladysmith today - it's a 6.4K loop that we haven't done yet - and then going out for lunch at a cute little cafe called In the Beantime. My mom suggested it as it apparently has some healthy eats - oh mama, you know me so well!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Look forward to a post with our hiking & lunching adventures!

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