Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tomorrow's To Dos

Quick post illustrating my game plan for tomorrow:

Go for a long run, have some breakfast & paint my toenails. Did you notice that work is not on the list?

Update: I have two days off. Second update: I gave my notice at the restaurant. For those of you who work two jobs and have zero days off, I feel your pain & kudos to you. Sure, the money is nice, but having quality time with my friends, family, Brandon & ME TIME is more important to me. Besides, who wants to become a workaholic at the age of nineteen anyway? Yeah, it's not for me. Great experience, it was fun, and I appreciate the opportunity, but it's time to spread my wings and move on! Or rather, fly, if I've suddenly grown wings.

I hope your Tuesday was fantastic! I apologize for the lame posts as of late. I'll find some creativity on my days off, promise!

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  1. omg love the chanel collection of nailpolish. i totally want some too.