Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun Favourites & Fashion!

Part of a recent outfit paired with a purple belted tunic & leather bomber jacket.

Hi, toilet! He sure likes to make cameos in my pictures. Perhaps I should make him a regular on the blog (weird).

Gorgeous glowing skin with a sweep of this 4 quadrant bronzing pallet. I believe it's actually my sister's, but shhh, she doesn't have to know (although I think she's catching on).

If you haven't tried this mascara, I highly recommend it! I love the big fluffy brush & how it lengthens and pumps up my lashes!

Me and my shoes, even in the form of a key chain.

Why put a drink in your car's cup holders when you can stuff them with lip glosses? These are two that I frequently switch between (sometimes applying while I'm driving, not going to lie).

I had a mini photo shoot in my car... By myself... Me, myself & I. I spared you the bad pictures (surprisingly enough).

I have been a terrible blog lady and not updating. I apologize! As well as the above recent pictures, here is a (recent) list of what's been goin' down in Holly-town.

1. I found a job working at a cute coffee shop downtown - The Dancing Bean! I've only had two shifts & so far I love it. Everyone there is super nice & I enjoy the fast paced environment. And the coffee perks are awesome as well!

2. I went looking for a bike the other day. Unfortunately the one I wanted was SOLD OUT already (story of my life - sob, sob)! However, I tried on another and debated whether or not I wanted to buy it. I ended up going home empty handed, which was probably a good thing... "You looked stupid riding that bike," my sister so kindly told me on the way home. Yes, good thing I didn't buy it.

3. I went to a super fun BBQ last night. I only have a few pictures from the night, but I will upload them as soon as my camera battery comes back to life. Fact: It actually died while I was uploading the above pictures, so there's still some more photos comin' atcha soon!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I enjoyed mine for sure :)

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  1. bronzer looks pretty!