Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hand & Nails

I never used to be such a nail polish fiend, but over the last year or so, I have gathered quite the collection. I generally gravitate towards bright, bold colours, as well as pinks & some glittery hues as well. What's more fun than a pop of sparkly red on your toes or bright yellow on your nails? For me, nail polish is treated like an accessory. It's a small, largely available luxury for women, and can add interest & a pop of colour to any outfit. However, it's always important to keep your hands and nails in great condition. As we all know, excessive use of polish can cause staining (and that's never a good look on anyone!)

My recommendations for nail care? Nail Envy by OPI and a good moisturizer/cuticle oil! I keep a small body butter in my purse at all times, as well as in the console of my car & in countless spots in the bathroom/bedroom. Bonus? Your hands will remain super soft & your nails will be moisturized and healthy!

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