Friday, August 5, 2011

Shopping Haul: Pictures!

1. The comfiest fleece throw ever! I was flip flopping between purple and this teal colour, but Brandon talked me into NOT purple. It seems as if everything I own is purple. This was a nice change & will look great on our brown suede couch!
2. Slim hangers for my giant closet! My mom bought me some simple white ones as well. However, my love for pattern made it hard to pass these up.
3. I also picked up a few things that were for ME! I bring you my first pair of flip flops in over 2 years. I wore them for the first time yesterday, and I must say, I'm not used to all this flipping and flopping! I had grown so used to my sling-back gladiator sandals, but change is good, right?
4. OPI Black Shatter. Yeah, I'm a little late on this one.
5. MY BOOKS ARRIVED! Yippee! After we came home, there was a package from Amazon on the dining room table. What a perfect day! Hanging out with my boyfriend, forcing him to scour the mall with me (although this was partially his idea, as long as he got frozen yogurt out of the deal), buying things & coming home to things!
6. Pink feather earrings! I love me some feathers.
7. And purple (go figure) feather earrings as well. You honestly can't pass up a by one get one free offer.

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