Sunday, September 18, 2011

Calvin Klein Spring 2012 Ready To Wear Collection

Calvin Klein Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection
By Holly Douglas

“Costa has practiced one half of the Calvin Klein brand DNA, minimalism; this season he nailed the sensuous part of the house code, too.” – Nicole Phelps, There is no doubt that Calvin Klein’s Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Collection was a hit amongst media mavens world-wide. Women’s Wear Daily described Klein’s collection as “ethereal” with “sturdier tailoring” when describing the classic tuxedo jackets with satin lapels. In addition, it appears that Klein’s subtle shades of nude, pale yellow, silver, and black were a breath of fresh air this spring season. “In a season over saturated with either pale French boudoir colors or Warhol Pop brights, he showed black clothes cut with exquisite skill.” – Andre Leon Talley, Vogue.
Although I usually enjoy a bright, eye catching pop of colour, it was refreshing to see these cool hues in Calvin Klein’s collection. The mix of metallic, floating dresses (a huge jump from Alicia Silverstone’s Calvin Klein dress in the 1995 flick “Clueless”), structured jackets, and soft fabrics made me yearn to have these pieces in my own wardrobe. However, as the dark, black pieces moved down the runway, I couldn’t help but think of fall and pulling on a Calvin Klein oversized blazer (albeit from this collection). Nevertheless, the surprising inclusion of black, lingerie-inspired pieces also intrigued me. They created the perfect balance of sensuality to the garments, while at the same time remaining lady-like and true to the Calvin Klein image.

I felt as if Calvin Klein designed each of these pieces for a powerful woman who is comfortable in her own body. With fabrics that brush so closely to your shape, there is no room for insecurities. Fortunately, the sales potential for this particular collection would benefit any company, as it is sensible with a touch of femininity. Items such as the mid-calf length, flowing white dress (modeled by Merilin Perli) is not only functional for the working woman, but a great addition to the trendsetter’s wardrobe. After all, the little white dress popped up on the fashion radar several times, and Calvin Klein’s rendition could almost be deemed as a “classic.” Since it is on trend, minimalistic and chic, it will appeal to a variety of women. In addition to the little white dress, the well-constructed black suit (modeled by Mirte Mass) continues to make its’ way into women’s closets year after year. However, Klein’s version lends extra detail to the physique with strategically placed pleating to highlight the upper body. This is what sets his suits apart from others. Women everywhere will be drawn to this piece, whether they are twenty five or forty five. A good suit is always in style! Furthermore, the black slip dress (modeled by Marleen Gaasbeek) is, too, unforgettable. Klein’s twist on the slip dress is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is an item that can fit into any woman’s bureau, no matter her personal style. Every woman searches for the perfect black dress, and while this dress hugs your curves, it simultaneously flatters the figure. How can you go wrong? Finally, Calvin Klein continuously delivers beautiful clothing to women. He is a man out to win our hearts , and he never fails to fill our closets with style!

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