Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Mimosas For ALL!

1. Raspberry Mimosa at Milestone's. In fact, this one was FREE! Why you ask? The server spilled the first one, let me drink it & then brought this one only to tell me it was on the house. Well thank you, mister man!

2. Lauren's (stirred up) Bellini. Talk about paradise in a cup. There's something to appealing about fruity, frozen drinks. Perhaps it's because it feels like you are on vacation (only in a cup)!

3. Trying to capture the zipper detailing on a Zara top I picked up last Tuesday while lunching & shopping with Lauren. As you can tell, this attempt was a failure.

4. Front of the top. It is so comfortable, loose, and I love how it's longer in the back. Definitely screams fall (especially in that wine colour)!

5. Yes, friends. There it is. A big box that can only contain one thing... Hunter boots!

6. Some news concerning this company may pop up soon. Needless to say, cross your fingers for me everyone!

Hope your week is puttering along well. TGIF!

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