Saturday, September 24, 2011

London Fashion Week: Jonathan Saunders Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Collection

Jonathan Saunders Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Collection

                "Saunders is beginning to design in sync with the way women think." Clearly, Jonathan Saunders has some powerful knowledge under his belt if he is in tune with the complex female mind, especially when it involves clothing. With a collection designed using a "delicate Miami waterfront palette" - New York Times, there is no question that Saunders hit the mark with his most recent showing. With a "housewife influence" alongside "womanly elegance with nods to the 1940's and 1950's," - Women's Wear Daily, his Spring 2012 collection allowed him to "...explore his fascination with the tension between the prim and the improper women’s wear." -
               Personally, I don't know where I would begin to search for "improper" in this collection. The way Saunders' pieces flowed together was like art. Picture this: Indian and Turkish inspired prints sauntering across the runway in bright aqua, citrus hues splashed on everything from dresses and skirts to blazers and light sweaters, and sugary shades of pink accompanying an unexpected twist (think baroque inspired with a hint of metallic). Saunders' collection was nothing short of a South Beach soiree, with an undeniable femininity and sense of innocence. Although my five year old self wouldn't have had such an elaborate selection of pieces in my wardrobe, my more mature-self is dying to have these incorporated in my closet come the spring season. I think I can speak for a lot of women here, too!

                However, in order to embrace such additions to our wardrobe, we must be drawn to their selling potential. Fortunately for Jonathan Saunders' Spring 2012 collection, it has just that - and more. Take the aqua blue sundress for example. Saunders took your average sundress and added a gorgeous Turkish print and a hint of light reflecting metallic. Women of all ages would be able to wear this dress. It has the fun factor many young fashionistas search for yet the maturity and detail that an established business woman could wear poolside. In addition, the ballerina-esque layered white dress is also an incredibly wearable garment for women. While it may be sheer, it's structure and subtle details such as the barely there straps and seaming on the bodice lend a soft sensuality to the garment that would make any woman feel like an angel. On the other hand, a style-savvy female cannot survive without a pair of great trousers. An example would be Saunders' black trousers with polka dots. Every woman dreams of the perfect daytime to evening pieces, whether it's a black dress, skirt, or even pants. Well ladies, call the search off! Saunders' trousers transcend from office to evening with ease. Furthermore, with such a plethora of fun, colourful attire, it would be difficult not to discover sales potential, let alone fall in love with the entire collection. I know I just did!

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  1. Beautiful collection. We love the flowing dress! These designers are amazing.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  2. I like the first blue dress. Very simple but very cute.