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Chanel Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Collection

Chanel Spring 2012 Ready-To-Wear Collection
By Holly Douglas

                Karl Lagerfeld transformed his runway show into a glorious parade floating under the sea. Vogue claimed that “Lagerfeld deconstructed some of the house symbols” by using Chanel’s “iconic pearls…as buttons or as belts.” reports that “Lagerfeld’s aim was nothing too “Chanel” because…there are already so many people doing that style.” However, Karl Lagerfeld maintained “recognizably within the codes of the house.” –, using signature details such as boxy tweeds, drop waists, and mille-feuille pleats. Nevertheless, The New York Times gave a hopeful and positive review for the collection, even despite the tweaking to the usual braided trims and chains. The New York Times says, “Chanel transformed the Grand Palais today into an all-white sea floor, with pebbles, giant stingray, coral reefs, and the singer Florence Welch emerging from a clamshell to sing us a song. But, as Karl Lagerfeld said, volubly pleased with himself, “no mermaids.”

                Mermaids or not, I was incredibly pleased with this collection. I first came across the designs on my iPhone as I was perusing the application while sitting on the number 17 bus, and it was a pleasant distraction. What did I love most? Without a doubt, I loved the jackets. From seafoam green, coral, and blush, to black and white, I felt that Lagerfeld beautifully executed his ocean empire vision through his clothing. Instead of decorating the jackets with the standard braided trim, Lagerfeld splashed a black geometric print across simple open-knit and tweed ensembles. I liked this unexpected detail. In addition, using fabrics with a subtle mother-of-pearl sheen certainly added to the underwater feel of the collection, while the pearls scattered in the hair of the models and wrapped around the waist honored the original ideas of Coco Chanel. I personally feel that the haute-couture feel to the collection (such as organza ribbons applied to shift dresses for a seaweed-feel) was a step in the right direction without being too over the top. It is details such as these that make me scrambling to pick my jaw up from the floor!

                I think any of the jackets from Chanel Spring 2012 Ready-To-Wear Collection would be wonderful sellers. Chanel has this amazing knack for creating gorgeous, timeless pieces that translate to women’s closets, no matter their personal style. My first pick is a white jacket with wave-like details floating towards the side of the jacket. This garment is an ideal transition piece between Spring and Summer, and could even be appropriate for winter. It is structured enough to allow the casual woman to feel dressed up, but simple enough to create a luxuriously laid back air. My next pick is another white jacket. However, this design is shorter, more boxy, and definitely Chanel. It is an item for the power woman, the business woman, the casual woman – it is for ANY woman! The clean lines and details lend to the garment’s versatility, and a white jacket is a modern piece that is constantly in style. Last but not least, a houndstooth print is always a classic. Have you noticed how this print never seems to fall out of rotation? Lagerfeld’s version of the houndstooth jacket is every bit Chanel as it is chic. Picture a business woman in this jacket, or a trendsetter styling it with fun accessories. With such a wearable print, women everywhere can enjoy this statement item in their closet. Finally, the unique design and details of Lagerfeld’s collection flowed together like water. The colours, silhouettes, and the general setting of the fashion show all created Lagerfeld’s ocean dream. Not many designers can pull off the underwater vision, but then again, not all designers are Karl Lagerfeld.

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