Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Milan Fashion Week Review: Versus Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Collection

Versus Spring 2012 Ready to Wear Collection

                Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane “were in an athletic mood for spring.” – Women’s Wear Daily. The dynamic duo and creators of the brand Versus transformed Versace’s Via Gesù palazzo into a gymnasium fit for any athlete, or in this case, any supermodel donned in athletic apparel. “The foul lines were painted in ice-cream colors—lilac, pink, mint green, palest yellow-—that were then echoed in the clothes.” – Style.com. “Despite the sporty edge, the lineup lost none of the sexiness Versace is known for.” – Women’s Wear Daily. However, this season they created a younger kind of sexiness – nothing over the top, but subtle cut outs and track pant-inspired trousers in sheer fabrics. Finally, the combination of “the light hand and girly palette” coupled with “soccer jerseys and knee-length warm up shorts” – Vogue.com, was the exact combination Versace and Kane desired “to further set the brand apart with a distinct and relevant voice.”
                I enjoyed this whole collection. I don’t know if it’s the athlete in me (or rather, the girl who simply likes to run), but the whole concept of the collection was well executed. Despite the definite “sporty” feel of the clothing, it was also feminine and youthful. The airwave frequency prints splashed across dresses, skirts, and sweaters was unexpected in my eyes, but it was a lovely contrast when paired against pieces with black trim detailing and floating fabrics. Nevertheless, I felt as if Versace and Kane designed a truly wearable line. There is a piece of everyone!
                Fortunately, there are so many pieces in the collection that have substantial selling potential. For instance, the black sleeveless dress with purple airwave detailing is ideal for a younger fashionista, but it is also age appropriate for a confident, mature woman. It can easily be worn during the day time, but in the evening as well. In addition, the sports-minded female may lean closer towards the pale pink, soccer jersey inspired T-shirt dress. This dress is feminine enough without straying too far from the active lifestyle. Moreover, it is comfortable, fun, and the zippered pockets make it practical as well! In addition, a wardrobe is not complete without a jacket. Versus’ black leather jacket is chic, sporty, and feminine, all twisted up with the perfect amount of edge. While the asymmetrical zipper and cropped hem is not entirely new to the world of fashion, the chunky zipper and discreet pocket details are unique touches Versace and Kane used to make this jacket their own. Punk rock girls everywhere will be coveting this jacket, but it is a timeless addition to any woman’s wardrobe, no matter her style. Finally, media sources around the globe feel that Versace and Kane hit the mark with their Spring 2012 collection. It’s the perfect fairy tale story of girl meets athlete, with an incredibly happy (and stylish!) ending.

Photos from Women's Wear Daily

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