Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home for the Holidays

Christmas Eve means pajamas & Christmas movie marathons!

Snuggled up for the movie marathon with my lovely sister.

Festive table ware!

This photo session was hilarious. No matter how many times my mom tried to snap a picture of the three of us (my uncle is in the middle), it always ended up where one of us wasn't ready. Looks like I was the one a little slow on the smile in this one.

Popping into the coffee shop for a warm drink. We went to the Butchart Garden in Victoria on Boxing Day, then stopped for dinner on the way home for some soup & garlic toast. Such a good day!

Poinsettias were every where at the gardens! I loved this festive Poinsettia tree (kind of?) in the coffee shop. They also had multiple trees decorated with Christmas baubles & seating near a fire place.

I arrived back in Vancouver on Tuesday evening, and since Brandon had to work over the holidays, we had Christmas dinner & opened gifts together yesterday. I loved seeing his reaction to all the things I brought home, including the huge amount of presents with his name on them!

Stocking stuffers accumulating on the coffee table... Yes, now that everything is open, we have a lot to clean up and organize in the household!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday with your family & loved ones! Bring on the new year!

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