Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Very Cherry & The Pursuit of Happiness

Blouse: Jacob

Experimenting with some red lipstick for the first time since the dancing years! Recitals were all about wearing loads of make up that will make you stand out on stage, red lipstick included. However, I've never been bold enough to try it off of the stage. I am wearing Very Cherry (635) by Maybelline, and I love it!

Why yes, those are candy canes & Christmas ornaments hanging in the background.
Vintage inspired mirror: Ikea, 

Loved this movie, and I love this quote just as much. I often think about people who are famous or those who I admire & wonder how they got there, why aren't things happening as quickly for me, etc. etc. However, it's not about that whatsoever. Maybe they just got lucky, or perhaps they were born into it. Nevertheless, you have to go for what you want & it will happen eventually!

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