Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Keep Calm; It's Nearly Christmas!

1. Mini candy canes brought in by a co-worker the other day. There's nothing better than cappuccino and gingerbread flavoured candy!

2. Some days just call for faux fur! Faux fur scarf: The Gap, Satin blouse: Jacob. Note: You gotta love when your eyeshadow has so much fall out that it smears all over your nicely done foundation. Yeah, it was a struggle with that powdered eyeliner & I can tell you it will not be happening again. I hate messy make up!

3. Christmas-themed doodles at the office, from me to you.

4. Keep calm, everyone! It's almost Christmas! On the other hand, stress out because you aren't nearly prepared enough as you should be & you still have Christmas shopping to do! I can't be the only one who is feeling that way right now. Less than two weeks until Santa is here!

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

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