Thursday, December 22, 2011

Watch the Throne

If you live in Vancouver (and even if you don't), you probably heard that Jay-Z & Kanye were in town for their Watch the Throne tour. I purchased the tickets back in September for a birthday present for Brandon, so on December 18th we headed down to Rogers Arena to see these guys play live. I have to say, it was an amazing concert! From the special effects (umm, shooting flames on stage!?) to the music and performance itself, I was impressed and enjoyed every minute! I wanted to share with you some of the more clear pictures I took; apparently dancing with your camera and trying to snap pictures doesn't make for the most crystal clear photos. Anyway, stay tuned for some video clips I took of the concert as well. I tried to take a video of at least ten-fifteen seconds from each song. However, with so many songs, the uploading process is so large and time consuming!

Happy Thursday, friends!

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