Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Sparkle: Make Up Time!

Hi everyone! So now that you have your dress, shoes, & jewelry, it's time for your make up!
I searched through some of my favourite YouTube bloggers & created a Holiday-inspired tutorial roundup for you all. I love all of these looks, and I hope to incorporate them into my Christmas-esque looks!

I chose these three because they are easy to follow and incorporate so many Christmas colours. Gold, silver, cranberry, and anything sparkly is always fun to add to your Holiday look for a glamorous feel. Although I am not too adventurous with my make up choices (I'm a neutral or nothing kind of girl, but I DID just purchase red lipstick... How daring, hey?), Christmas is a fun excuse to experiment a little. Besides, it's always fun to watch the tutorials and having a guideline when you're doing something new is so helpful!

Which look would YOU pick for Christmas?

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