Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Happy Home

I am always looking for interior decorating ideas online. Whether it's a bathroom with pink details, chic bedrooms (varying between luxurious and country-like aesthetic), or rustic but polished kitchens, there are so many ideas that make me excited about becoming a home owner one day. It's a far off dream for me right now. I mean, I'm still stuck in a one year lease in my current apartment, but that's just it - it's a DREAM, and it's always fun to draw inspiration for the future!

I created a collage of smaller pieces I would like to see in my home, too. My mom received a KitchenAid mixer, and it is so easy to use and makes whipping up double (or triple) batches of baked goods a snap! Plus, there's nothing better than measuring out all your ingredients in pretty pink measuring tools! Additionally, I'm a huge candle fan. If I could buy every delicious smelling candle in the world, I definitely would! I wonder if it's a girl thing... Comfortable chairs and Victorian-inspired mirrors are so lovely, too. I actually purchased a similar mirror at Ikea before Christmas for my apartment, and it's a nice touch to the otherwise dull white walls! Likewise, adding fresh flowers to your decorations add a real "homey" feeling, I think. I remember having fresh flowers basically at every occasion at home, and it just makes you feel a lot happier having a burst of colour! Finally, there's nothing better than tea. I am a huge tea fan, and you can never have too many mugs! Especially if it's a Tiffany's & Co. mug!

Hope you are all having a good weekend!

Images from Tumblr, WeHeartIt & Collage created by HLDFashion on Polyvore

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