Friday, January 6, 2012

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

All in all, I must say that this was a pretty great week. Once Friday rolls around I usually think about all the cool stuff (or boring stuff some days) that I did during the week. I noted in this post a couple things that were making me happy, but I also wanted to share pictures of what I'm loving in this very moment! I'm so original, I know. I hope you all enjoy your Friday & have a wonderful weekend!

1. Getting cozy on the couch with a fuzzy blanket & my laptop for some bloggin'!
2. Red lips & fur for a lunch/shopping date with my friend Lauren. It was a gloomy day on Wednesday, so I wanted to brighten it up with some red lips. However, the rain stayed away, so we got lucky! I even came prepared with my umbrella, just in case.
3. Hand weights, yoga mat & my favourite runners, Adidas AdiZeros. I have just started my half marathon training this week (well, seriously training and making a plan, rather than just running for fun (Crazy? I love it!) in the past), but I do enjoy some cross training and stretching in my life!
4. I have been getting lots of use out of my new candles. In fact, I have the hazelnut one flickering away as I type this. I love that they fill my apartment with the delicious scent!
5. My parents tucked this cute little notebook into my stocking this Christmas, and I have been using it to track my work outs. I love it, because it is the perfect size to slip into your purse if you need to jot things down on the go! Paired with my favourite Christmas mug filled with my favourite caramel swirl coffee. It has been a good morning so far.

xo Holly

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