Monday, January 2, 2012

What's Making You Happy?

Today was one of those days where the good stuff just wouldn't stop happening. I mean, it has been a great week leading up to this wonderful day, but it's kind of funny how so many fun/exciting things can all happen in the span of... Maybe ten hours or so?

Currently making me happy (in no particular order!):

- Spending New Years with my beautiful sister & spending time with her shopping and hanging out!
- Waking up & having caramel coffee and pumpkin spice oatmeal. Healthy comfort food at its best.
- New perfume from my wonderful boyfriend. I seriously cannot stop smelling myself when I wear this perfume, which I'm sure looks silly to those around me. In all seriousness, it's delicious!
- Stacks of magazines. There's more where that came from!
- Brand new running socks, fuzzy socks, and pink plaid flannel pajamas!
- Successful job interview! I think I am MOST excited about this.
- Chocolate, although the Christmas chocolate pile is slowly dwindling down (probably for the best).
- Half marathon training. Legs. Are. So. Sore!

Hope you all are enjoying the first few days of 2012 as much as I am!

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