Friday, February 17, 2012

From Paris to New York

 As you fashionistas are aware, New York Fashion Week is upon us. I try to live vicariously through those who are attending all the stylish soirees and fashion shows through this magical thing called the Internet. I'm thankful for some fashion-related apps on my phone too for keeping me updated while I'm riding the skytrain or killing time. Are you staying updated with NYFW? Which shows have been your favourite so far?

My favourites: Betsey Johnson & Marc Jacobs. I loved every look that came down the runway at both of these shows! Plus, they happen to be two of my favourite designers.

1-3: Paris, photos from Jak & Jill
(LOVE the shot of her rings. I need those!)
4 & 5: New York, The Sartorialist

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