Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Spring, Neon is the Thing

Lately, have you noticed a lot of neon flashing you in the face upon entering a store? You've most likely seen the acidic hues splashed across magazine pages, too. Well, my friends. Neon is back for the Spring 2012 season! Although I like to think that I am fond of this trend, part of me (the comfortable, I-just-want-to-stay-in-my-pajamas-all-day side) says, "Don't do it!" However, I think it is rather easy for a neon newbie like myself to embrace the trend. In small doses, neon can be funky without being an eye sore, such as nail polish or a bit of aqua on a simple pair of flats. If you really want to get crazy, though, colour blocking neons and mixing neon patterns will take your look to the next level. Just try not to look like a highlighter!

Neon: Yes, or no?

Collage by HLDFashion

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