Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello, I'm Twenty!

 Goodbye, 19. Hello, 20!
On Wednesday I celebrated my 20th birthday! I ventured over to Vancouver Island on the last ferry Monday night. Although I didn't arrive until the early hours of the morning on Tuesday, it felt good to sleep in my old bedroom with those old familiar pink walls. Actually, I almost didn't know where I was when I woke up! Apparently I was pretty tired. Tuesday was full of fun and SURPRISES! I love surprises! As I sat in the living room watching daytime TV with my mom and eating breakfast, she told me that we would be getting pedicures that afternoon, and then after we would be going to The Running Room (specialty running store) in Nanaimo so I could pick out some new runners. Aah, wonderful day! And it wasn't even my birthday on Tuesday! However Wednesday (my actual birthday) was nice and relaxed. I had a delicious (and indulgent) breakfast, tested out the new elliptical machine my parents recently bought, ran some errands, and my dad surprised me with a bouquet of flowers (which I forgot to take a picture of) on his lunch break! Then I unfortunately had to catch the ferry back to Vancouver. Coming home is always nice, but the visits aren't long enough! Here are some pictures I took during my birthday stay:

New kicks! Mizuno Wave Elixir 7 & a very fitting Half Marathon issue of Canadian Running. 72 days until the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon!

The original plan was to have waffles for breakfast, but after the waffle machine decided to destroy them, my mom settled on pancakes! Don't you love it when mom makes you breakfast? I had a single pancake topped with cherry pie filling (oh, yes!), strawberries (YUM), and whipped cream (oh, heavens). It was so dreamy!

I opted for a sparkly red polish for my pedicure. Note: I have bruising on my toenails from a single DAY of wearing high heels for long periods of time. Boo! :(

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