Friday, March 16, 2012

White Space

Clean white walls, hardwood floors, exposed heaters, fresh flowers, comfy chairs... I could go on about what I would want in my all white space, but here are some pictures instead. I am trying to do small things in my own apartment (which has laminate floors & white walls, but it's so not the same!) to jazz things up and make it more unique. This means adding a dose of fresh flowers every now and then, making sure everything is kept clean & tidy, using magazine racks to store my latest issues (besides the issues that I stress over in my own brain, ha ha!), and even rearranging the furniture to keep things from getting too stale. Brandon is a huge fan of rearranging, especially when it revolves around the best angle to watch his flat screen at! Needless to say, making a house your 'home' is a lot of work, and although I have major apartment envy when I look at these pictures, it doesn't hurt to dream of my future home!

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