Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Tour Pour Vous!

Oh, Audrey! And look at that - my new shoe rack! It holds up to 18 pairs of shoes (I haven't scrounged up all my shoes from downstairs, so I know they all won't fit), and it spins around for easy picking! I am quite content with it, to say the least. Also, there is a stack of magazines there since I have no where else to put them.

Oh, Marilyn! Of course, I have to have BOTH of my favourites in my room! This little area is right by my mirror. It's basically just pictures - some polaroids I had taken back when the film wasn't ridiculously expensive, a little card that came with the flowers Brandon bought me for my birthday (he was away working and sent them to school for me, and I'm a sentimental kinda gal and kept the card), and pictures of B & me!

I found this hook thing (I don't know what you'd call it) the other day at Winners, and while I had originally thought of buying cute door knobs to hang my scarves on, this was way cuter AND way cheaper! However, I think I need another, because my scarf collection is expanding - rapidly.

I found this cute fabric box the same day I found the hook thingy (I am so exact, aren't I?). It seemed big enough in the store, but like the hook thingy, I'll be needing another soon! I keep my purses in here, minus two which are downstairs and some that are tucked into random spots of my room. Hmm.

Where do my necklaces go? Right there! Excuse me for being so dorky, HA! My necklaces at the moment are just hung on the end of my curtain rod. It's easier than it looks to get them down, since I strategically place them in their spot (wherever that is). One day, I will think of something more clever and more organized for these babies!

This is where my make up, perfumes, hair things, etc. go. The Eiffel Tower stand to the side there holds my earrings, well, the ones that aren't studs, anyway! The orange basket holds make up brushes, hair brushes, lip glosses, eye shadows, my foundation compact, and other little make up goodies! The box next to it holds hair bands and hair clips, and in the drawer thing at the very end holds any make up pallets, a few chunky bangles that wouldn't fit anywhere else, and various make up products that are old, but I don't want to get rid of!

And then of course the other boxes are perfumes, nail polishes, and hair ties and necklace pendants are kept on the top of the drawer stand.

Alright! Well this post took longer than expected to put together! I always wondered why some other bloggers said it took them "sooo longggg" to put together a post, and although mine was under an hour, it still took longer than usual! More pictures + more writing = more time. I'm so smart!

Well, I am off to go get ready for the day! My mom has company downstairs, so I'm going to stay upstairs until I know they're gone. Isn't it always awkward when you go downstairs looking like a morning monster and your parents have friends over? Yes. I would like to avoid that situation.

Have a fabulous day, all!

Love, Holly xoxo

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