Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Did YOU Wear Today?

I went shopping again today, this time with my sister and my mom. My sister's friend Rachel came along, and the two of them are OBSESSED with the book store Chapters. However, lucky for me - I found two of the books I had been wanting forever!

If any of you are near The Body Shop, these shampoos/conditioners smell like HEAVEN, and they are only $3.00 each! I imagine it's only for a short amount of time, but all their "basic" items (or they're from a certain line. I'm not too sure actually!) and it includes some men's products, lotions, body washes, and a carrot face moisturizer. I opted for these since I have been eyeing them up forever! Anyway, enough rambling here...

I bought this necklace at a home accessory party I hosted at my house before Christmas, and the turtle is making it's debut today for my shopping trip! I'm still wearing it now as I'm bundled up on the couch watching the news with my parents (cool, hey?).

Finally, this was my outfit for the day! I'm wearing the same skinny jeans (by Pashu) as yesterday, but with a black v-neck sweater (it has a gold zipper that goes down to my shoulder blades on the back) from Costablanca, the turtle necklace (SheShe accessories), and black suede boots.

I hope you all had a magnificent day!

Love, Holly )

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