Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lemon and Leopards

This tea saved me today - Lemon ginger tea, and I have had SEVERAL cups of it. Cold, be gone!

Hard at work trying to focus on an aromatherapy course I'm taking. I managed to finish a lot of the multiple choice questions, but I'm not even have done. It's kind of confusing, to be honest!

I got this bag for Christmas from my aunt (I swear I've mentioned that before, too). I absolutely love it! It's one that you'd carry on your arm, but man can you ever fit stuff inside! I had EVERYTHING in there today - books, two pairs of gloves, wallet, hand cream, chapstick, pens, etc. etc. Yeah, it was a good gift!

Skinny jeans: Pashu, Oxford flats: Joe Fresh, Scarf: Gifted (it was a stocking stuffer this Christmas), Shirt: Smart Set, Cardigan: Suzy Shier

There is only one thing that is clogging my Facebook feed tonight: The fact that Jersey Shore is on. Are you watching it? And more importantly, are you doing something more productive?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday! It's crazy that this week is almost over. For some reason, it seems to be going by faster than usual. Perhaps it's because I have worked (and will be tomorrow and Saturday, which deems the end of my work week), or perhaps it's because I have been lounging on the couch with a horrible head cold (or whatever this awful illness is!) watching TV. It's amazing how fast time flies when you aren't paying attention. Suddenly it was 11 o'clock this morning, and I was still in my pajamas - work in T minus an hour and a half! Luckily I only work five minutes away, and getting dressed was a breeze, because I was aiming for something comfy yet (somewhat) cute and had the outfit in mind.

I have an idea for what I'm going to post about tomorrow, and no, it's not about how I watched Jersey Shore tonight (although I see that in my future if I don't go to the gym tonight... WHICH I SHOULD)!

Good night!

Holly xoxo


  1. happy new year!
    the best of wishes from COSMICaroline to you!
    keep up the wonderful work in the new year!


  2. thank you! best wishes in 2011 to you too :)