Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cafe Caravaggio

My outfit today: I opted for something comfortable & cozy seeing as I didn't have any huge plans today. I woke up, went for a shorter run since I had done two longer ones the past two days, and made myself a thick smoothie full of berries! It was delicious :) As I got myself more mobile, I threw on a pair of Pashu skinny jeans (which replaced my current pink sweat pants), a red V-neck from Smart Set and the infamous thrifted grandpa sweater. Once I was all dressed, I decided to go for a walk downtown! This is where I went.

Cafe Caravaggio is a locally owned chocolate & coffee shop downtown. My mom happens to work there, so it gave me all the more reason to pay a visit! Besides, who doesn't love the smell of chocolate tempering, coffee brewing and the sight of homemade truffles? The store also sells fresh fudge, chocolate dipped cookies (my favourite has pistachios in it with white chocolate around the edges), specialty coffees and rents out a chocolate fountain for events & get togethers, as well. In fact, I had a Sex & the City themed girls night a couple months ago and it was a hit!

The pictures above are a few of my favourite things. Torani syrups in the lattes are divine (I recently tried a rooibos tea latte with butterscotch syrup. It was seriously as if my taste buds had died and gone to heaven!), and the truffles are mouth watering and so flavourful! Cafe Caravaggio uses quality chocolate to create these wonderful pieces. A few of my fave chocolates include the fruit and nut medallions (with coconut, slivered almonds, pumpkin seeds & cranberries), and the champagne truffles... That one speaks for itself! However, all the truffles rank high on my list! In addition, their fudge contains whole ingredients, like real cream and butter. My fudge of choice is black forest cake - complete with cherries! It is ooey gooey with the cherry flavour, but rich and scrumptious with the creamy chocolate. Seriously - everything here is to die for!

If you ever make your way to Vancouver Island, check this gem out! I highly recommend it!


  1. Nice photos!
    Miammm, chocolate!!


  2. the most delicious chocolates ever! :)

    thanks for checking out my blog! <3