Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chains, Zippers & Olives

I introduce to you all... The olive printed shirt! My sister originally found this at the local thrift store in town. You'd be amazed at what you can find! It is by Mexx, and would retail for more than $2.00, which is probably what my sister paid for this! I love how the fabric is sheer, whimsical, and has just the right amount of movement. It makes you feel like you are wearing a floaty pajama top... With olives on it.

My mom suggested that I needed to wear colourful shoes with my outfit. I was eyeing up a pair of old, red ballet flats, but then I remembered I had these shoes! I had bought them at Spring Shoes for something like $30.00, so they were a great steal - half price! The zipper detailing is super cute, and the best part is that the zippers actually work! They don't do anything and are simply there for style, but I thought that was an interesting (and pointless) feature. Last night was only the second time I've worn these shoes, and the soles are a tad bit slippery because of that fact. Nevertheless, they worked!

I wore my hair in a simply high, messy bun with my bangs sweeped back. For my make up, I recreated a brown and gray smokey eye in my kind of way - easy and fuss free, since I am not the best at my make up! You can't exactly see my make up in this picture, and no matter how hard I tried to snap a blog-appropriate picture of the brown and gray hues, it just wasn't working for me. Oh well. That's how the cookie crumbles.

The olive bunches up close. Now, I'm not exactly sure if they meant for the print to look like olives, but really. What did you guys think when you first saw the print? Exactly. Olives forever!

Last three pictures:

1. This is half of the outfit I wore for work today. I am by myself, so I wanted something fuss free! You can't see it in the picture that well (if at all), but my cardigan has thick purple and black stripes on it. I haven't worn it in a while, and I am just discovering all over again how cozy it is!

2. Me so sleepy! Under my cardigan is a simple oversized white T-shirt with a little pocket on the left side. I sometimes wear it to bed, because it's one of those items that you could literally live in without feeling restricted. You can also dress up a white T if you chose to, or you could make it more casual. It's a versatile piece & a great staple in EVERYONE'S wardrobe (yes, even you men!)

3. These are actually two different necklaces with lots of chain strands on them. I think it adds a little more interest to an otherwise plain white T-shirt! Besides, I think layering necklaces makes it edgy in a girly way, if you know what I mean!

Outfit one: Thrifted Mexx shirt, Pashu jeans (not pictured), black tank top from Walmart (yeah, Wally-world!), purple zipper pumps by Spring Shoes.

Outfit two: Oversized white T from Walmart, purple and black striped cardigan by Urban Behavior, Pashu skinny jeans (not pictured), both chain necklaces by Smart Set.

Now, I didn't take too many pictures from last night, because we were all playing games and whatnot (well, I mostly watched since it was Harry Potter Scene-It and Friends Scene-It, both of which I'm not too well educated on!) but I will post of the ones I did take later! I don't want this post to get too long and have you guys get exhausted and overwhelmed with all the reading!

Happy Tuesday!

Holly xoxo


  1. Those shoes are great and I can't believe they were only 30 bucks!

  2. thank you! i love a good deal! :)