Monday, January 17, 2011

White Washed

I always imagined my future home to be cozy, warm, and modern. I stumbled across these pictures (all from weheartit), and I began drooling immediately. I love the textures incorporated in each room, and the closet is enough to put Carrie Bradshaw's walk in to shame. I imagine this one has double doors, too. These rooms look like they were fit for a movie - or a home decorating magazine. Every time I look at the pictures I swoon!

My perfect home will come to me eventually. I'm only 18, so I have lots of time to decide, considering I still live at home with my parents right now! However, I am hoping to start a new adventure in the fall. This adventure will take place in Vancouver, and I'll be going to school for fashion merchandising. I think it will be a great experience, but there is so much to plan!

I wanted to do a quick post for you guys, so you would have a little SOMETHING to read from me today! I am going to a potluck dinner at my friend Sara's house tonight. You know how I went to the going away party for my friend Jenna? This is similar, but with close friends and not so much partying! I am looking forward to it, although I'm not looking forward to her leaving! However, I know she'll have a fantastic time & I admit, I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone brings! I am bringing a Greek pasta salad with chicken, and I heard that there are going to be chocolate chip cookie dough CUPCAKES. How perfect is that!?

Hope you have all had a happy Monday so far! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures tonight.

Holly xoxo


  1. **OUR future home. at heaven on 5th

  2. Ohh, those are lovely! I can't wait to buy my first home. I want a HUGE bathroom with a HUGE bathtub to soak in! And a fireplace in the the bathroom, living room, master bedroom . . . i could go on and on!