Friday, January 7, 2011

Cleansers, cookies & stripes.

1. Zoya nail polish is seriously fantastic. It comes in a rang of colours, stays on for hours, and it's so pretty! These are two of my favourites. From left: Richelle, Blyss. Of course, I also have several other favourites. Perhaps I'll have to do a whole post on nail polish (I have a disgusting amount)!

2. My favourite cleanser! It is SO gentle, and it's made with all natural and organic ingredients. The best thing is that it's made in Victoria, a city about 45 minutes away from where I live!

3. 100% Purity is an all natural and organic line from California. I LOVE, love, LOOOVE this eye cream! If you've had a late night out and wake up with puffy eyes, the caffeine in this cream reduces the puffiness. I generally use this before I go to bed, but I also use it in the morning as a day cream for my eyes. It's great all around, plus it has a nice light scent and a little goes a long way!

4. The carrot and the pineapple scrub are FANTASTIC! They have jojoba beads inside that gently buff away dead skin on your face without making mini tears in the skin. They smell amazing, and your skin is ridiculously soft and smooth and moisturized after (although using a moisturizer after is recommended for silky skin)!

1. Picture session in the bathroom at work. I tested one of the bronze coloured lip glosses (with a separate testing stick, since my cold is getting worse!) and this is how it turned out!

2. I went next door to The Book Nook to get my rice & veggies heated up for lunch, and I got a free cookie out of the deal! She was unable to sell it because unlike the other cookies, this one had spread out too much while in the oven & was too thin. Oh well! Good thing I had a healthy lunch!

3. Yogi Tea has the best phrases on their tea bags. Plus, the tea is delicious!

4/5. Boots by American Eagle for Payless, Cardigan: Suzy Shier, Leggings: Gifted, Shirt: Bluenotes, Belt: CostaBlanca

I tried to divide the picture lists from above into the skin care section & the section about my day. Unfortunately, it seems as if my cold is getting worse now. Near lunch time at work I was walking around like a zombie with the sniffles and a pounding headache that somehow made me feel drowsy all at the same time. My dearest mother made me some apple cinnamon chamomile tea, so hopefully that will sooth the barely there pain in my throat (I can feel it, I can feel it!). Later on tonight while Brandon is at work, I'm going to a friend's house to catch up and watch movies. Hopefully my willpower is feeling strong tonight to resist the chips. What is it about thinly sliced potatoes with a sprinkling of flavour that gets us reaching for more? Ugh.

Nevertheless! I hope you guys have a wonderful night. Wow, what a long post!

See you tomorrow!

Holly xoxo :)


  1. i love those nail polish colors!

  2. great tips, i am definitely going to have to try yogi tea

  3. Hi it's xxx.forever from the Vanity forum
    your dimples are way too cute and Zoya nail polish rocks!
    happy blogging

  4. oh and PS...
    thank you so much for the sweet & supportive comment!
    I didnt realize until after posting the last comment that that had been from you!
    best of luck with your blog =)

  5. aw thank you ette! that means a lot :) thank you for checking my blog out! i love yours!