Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pizza & pashmina

1. Purchases of the day: Jelly belly jelly beans for a whopping TWENTY SIX CENTS! Annabelle liquid eyeliner in blackest black - I love this stuff because it has the felt tipped end, not a little brush that frays after use. I also bought a pair of tweezers. I cheaped out here, because I couldn't justify on spending $14.99 on a pair of tweezers that I'll lose. However, we use the more expensive tweezers at work and your eyebrows are perfection (unless they're getting waxed, since that's even quicker and just as good)!

2. Mixing up some pizza dough! Comfort food is the best food.

3. Details of my scarf. I bought this at an accessory party I had at my house, and today was the first time I've ever worn it.

4. Just boring ol' me! I'm wearing a shirt by old navy, Pashmina scarf, and not pictured were my Pashu skinny jeans (yeah, default bottoms for me), and Roxy fabric moccasins.

5. Delicious tea - almost like apple cider, but less calories and not as delicious (maybe a little more yummy, I suppose...)

I got a text at work today that said there was a job opening downtown at a restaurant called Odika. Coincidentally I had a resume in my car from when I went job hunting previously this week, so I dropped it off :) I hope something comes out of this! Tips sure would be nice. They'd definitely go to my Jeffrey Campbell shoe fund (or a shopping fund in general).

After work, I got home, curled my hair and winged out my liquid liner - to go BOWLING! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from the rock n' glow bowling adventure. If you've ever been, stare at the lights that move on the floor. Crazy, right!?

I hope you all have a fabulous night. Did anyone get up to anything exciting?

Holly xoxo


  1. thank you! i got it at an accessory party i had at my house, but you might find it wherever they sell pashminas!