Saturday, January 15, 2011

Glitz & Glam

1. Picture from I love the look of sequin dresses and saw a poll on Fabsugar asking the readers how the felt about the glitzy mini dresses. What do you guys think? I think sequins are a fun way to dress up without having to actually dress up. The good thing about an item such as a sequin dress is that you can keep your accessories simple, maybe a pair of earrings or some chunky bangles at the most. The sequins take the spotlight on this one!

2. Brenda Song wearing a dress by Griffin. I love the longer piece in the back. It reminds me of tails on a tuxedo jacket! Also, the shorter length with the higher neckline makes it classy, not trashy.

3. Kristen Stewart in Reem Acra. I'm not a huge fan of K. Stewart acting wise, but I definitely love her dress! Now don't get me wrong. It's wonderful that the Twilight saga has made it so big. I'm sure the author is pretty thrilled with that. However, I read one book and that was it for me. It didn't hold my attention as much, but K. Stewart's dress is eye catching for me!

What are your Saturday plans? I haven't heard of anything too exciting, but who knows what will pop up tonight! Today was my second day at my new job at the restaurant. I made close to $50.00 in tips just around lunch time! My shift went by so fast too, and I kept myself busy as well (and was busy anyway serving tables). I'm getting the hang of things so far, but I still have another training shift next week, and work at the spa on Tuesday. The week doesn't look too crammed as far as plans go, but you never know what will come up!

I hope you all had a happy Saturday!

Holly xoxo

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