Friday, January 14, 2011

Dance, dance, dance

1. Brandon and I taking a break from the party and lounging in a giant Lay-Z boy recliner and snapping pictures!

2. My friend Lily took the ferry over from Vancouver yesterday morning to join the party. She stayed the night tonight & we are currently eating Caesar salad and awaiting our homemade mini pizzas to be finished in the oven!

3. My shoes for the evening! They're a pair of patent black peep toe pumps from Le Chateau. I always feel funny wearing them, because they are shorter than the other heels I wear and the height difference feels strange. Plus, they don't have a platform in the front & I've gotten a little used to that.

4. Me, Lily, and Jenna taking pictures before the night began. I'm wearing Lily's shirt, one by Kismet, my usual Pashu jeans and the Le Chateau shoes. Lily is wearing a shirt from Old Navy, skirt by Joe Fresh, belt from H&M and tights from Winners. Jenna's dress is from Zara and she wore a pair of black tights, and she borrowed a pair of my boots.

Did you guys do anything exciting last night? It's a little strange to have a party on Thursdays, but that's the good thing about being graduated. You can party and have fun all the time!

Holly xoxo


  1. oh you're so lovely
    last night i just sit here and played my computuer like i'm doing now :p

  2. thank you! sometimes lazy nights are just as good though :)

    thanks for checking out my blog! i appreciate it!

  3. Love this post!
    Sounds so warming to just be around friends =)

  4. It was a great time! I really enjoyed it :)

    Thanks for checking out my blog!