Saturday, January 15, 2011

Put a Ring On It!

Whenever I go shopping, if there is a deal on rings, I'm there. If a ring is giant and ugly, I'm there. If it's dainty and cute, I'm there. If it's studded with black diamonds, I'm there. I am quite infatuated with rings! I have several that my boyfriend deems as weapons, but I simply say that they are just dangerous accessories. Besides, what if I got into a fight one day and didn't have my weapon-like ring on me to defend myself with? Yeah, they come in handy. Plus the majority of rings out there are ridiculously cute, if not ridiculously expensive as well (or cheap, depending where you go).

Although I'm trying to save, I have collected another batch of inspiration pictures for you guys and will be sharing what's on my shopping list. I'm not sure when this shopping trip is going to happen, but hopefully some things will get crossed off the list. I'll have the pictures to prove it (fingers crossed)!

Holly xoxo

PS. I am crazy about Beyonce, so this title is pretty much my favourite ATM!


  1. Is that a mustache ring in the first picture? That is awesome

  2. me too emily! and yes lauren, yes it is. i wish i could find it somewhere!