Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Movie Mania

1. Cuddling up on the couch with a pillow and a big warm blanket. Yeah, the stripes there belong to my shirt. This morning is comfortable all around. 2. I have been staring at the Blogger screen for a little while now wondering what to write. Finally, my pictures uploaded & I'm scrambling to find something to say. 3. I woke up around 9:04 am today, to be exact, and got ready to go for a run. I ran for half an hour on the treadmill listening to hip hop and upbeat songs to get me going. As soon as Beyonce came on (twice in a row), that just set the stage for me, and I started to work harder. By the end of my work out (which included stretching and some weights), I needed something cool to drink that wasn't just water. So, I made a green monster smoothie! It's a combination of spinach, banana, soy milk, and ice. You honestly can't taste the spinach at all, I promise! The end result is something creamy and banana flavoured with just a hint of green! I added some seeds in there as well to give me something to chew on, but I have a feeling I'll be needing something more in a little bit! 4. Last night's munchies for movie night. Brandon and I ended up watching The Town with Ben Affleck last night. I usually gravitate towards the more chick flick type of movies, but lately I have been craving a good action movie. This one filled that void! It kept me interested, and there was a love story in there as well. Best of both worlds. Note the Cheesies and Sweet & Chili Rice chips: that's why a run was in my future (and because I just wanted to go running)!

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's day one of two off for me, so hopefully something interesting happens either today or tomorrow. Brandon and I are watching The Social Network right now, and so far it's pretty good. Have you guys seen it? What do you think?

Holly xoxo


  1. following you Holly:) thanks for commenting back!
    the post below has made me craze a little for popcorn!!
    stay in touch
    S x

  2. thanks samantha! the popcorn was definitely idea - air popped without all the gooey butter mess (but that's one of the best parts!)