Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Touring Town

1. Details on the gold studded bangle I wore to work today. I'm not exactly sure where it's from, to be honest. My guess is Claires, but I'm probably wrong!

2. Gap sweater, dress by Baila, Joe Fresh black tights.

3. Zipper right down the front! Funny, because the sweater I wore yesterday had a zipper on the back!

4. My favourite store in town is the last sign there. It's the Health Food Store! I bought a bunch of seeds today! Ground chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and sunflower seeds. Now I just need some natural PB, so I can make some oatmeal! I love me some oats.

5. This little garden area is nestled in behind some of the retail that lines the streets. I worked at a little restaurant back here last summer. It's seasonal, and a lot of people from the theatre would go there for lunch.

6. Entrance to the "Secret Garden," as the sign calls it. Not so secret, though.

7. Details on the candy store's window frame.

8. Hansel & Gretel's Candy Co! It smells divine in here, and it holds lots of yummy sweets!

9. I walked up and down this path a couple times today. First just going for a walk, and the second to drop off a deposit at the bank for work. There is a playground in that shape of a ship to the side, and a stage on the left side that is usually occupied by local musicians in the spring & summer time.

10. Water Wheel Park! Unfortunately the water wheel was OUT of water for the winter (I assume that's why), so the name is somewhat deceiving. Tricky.

I hope you all had a great Tuesday! It's finally my Friday, and I'm so ready for it! Brandon and I are planning on staying in tonight, but I suggested that we rent some movies so our night is at least somewhat exciting! There's also a sticky note on my laptop to remind me to go for a run. I know I definitely have to when I get home (in 20 minutes!) because I skipped out on it yesterday. Fortunately I don't mind running, but last night it just seemed like a chore. That won't be the case tonight!

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